Our Story


Like many parents, when our children lost their first teeth we couldn't part with them.  We kept these treasures of our children’s early years hidden away in a box.

Why we found it difficult to throw them away we are not sure.  Perhaps it’s because they are a tangible part of their young lives, like a lock of hair, a favorite book or teddy bear.  Or maybe, it’s because they symbolize their infant years.

Finding the milk teeth in a box one day inspired us to think about a creative and beautiful way we could keep these tiny treasures and the precious memories they represented.   We decided that a unique way of doing this was to create a sentimental piece of handcrafted jewelry that holds a special place in our hearts.

As we began to share our idea with friends, we realized, that many parents have a secret stash of milk teeth.  They loved the idea of having a replica of their child's milk tooth cast in solid gold to create a piece of personalized jewelry. An everlasting keepsake of their child's precious early years, that they could gift to their child or keep themselves.  This was the birth of "The Golden Tooth Fairy".